CSA W47.1 Fusion Welding of Steel Company Certification

The Canadian Standards Association sets the criteria for Standard W47.1. Based on the type of work to be undertaken a company may be certified for Fusion Welding of Steel in one of three Divisions. Companies who wish to be certified under this standard are required to qualify their Welding Supervisors and their Welding Engineers, submit for review and approval their Company’s Welding Procedures and qualify their Welding personnel (welders or operators).

CSA W47.1- 2009 Update 7
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Certification Process

Certification to CSA Standard W47.1 is obtained upon completion of the following 6 elements.

1. Provide Company Documentation

Each new company receives a "Certification Binder" which contains all of the necessary materials to complete the certification process. Included in this package are several forms that must be completed and returned to the Bureau. The forms are used to designate and list personnel and to document the welding related experience of the welding supervisors and engineers. Also included in the binder are the applicable CSA Welding Standards, study guides and other relevant documents.

2. Qualify Welding Supervisor(s)

Each company must employ an adequate number of Welding Supervisors to control its welding operations. Each Welding Supervisor must have welding related experience and complete written examinations on welding symbols, weld faults, quality control and inspection methods and the following standard(s):

  • CSA Standard W47.1, Certification of Companies for Fusion Welding of Steel
  • CSA Standard W59, Welded Steel Construction (Metal Arc Welding)

In addition each Welding Supervisor is given a brief verbal examination on the following subjects:

  • welding equipment
  • drawings
  • welding procedures

The qualification examinations on welding symbols, weld faults and quality control and inspection methods may be waived if the Welding Supervisor holds a diploma from a recognized course in welding fundamentals or weld quality control and inspection. Examinations are normally held in each of the CWB Group's regional offices. Seminars are provided occasionally on each of the subjects required for qualification.

The CWB Group also provides an optional program for Welding Supervisors under CSA Standard W47.1. Welding Supervisors may qualify as a Welding Inspector and Welding Supervisor, by writing the qualifying examinations of CSA Standard W178.2 only. The W178.2 examinations are similar in content to the current Welding Supervisor qualification examinations. The W178.2 certification is the personal certification of the individual. Certified Welding Inspectors who leave the employ of a company certified to CSA Standard W47.1 will still maintain their Welding Inspector’s certification as long as they continue to meet the requirements of CSA Standard W178.2. Welding Supervisor qualifications remain in effect with the certified company even if the certification as a Welding Inspector has expired.

3. Qualify Professional Engineer(s)

Each company applying for certification in Division 1 or 2 (See Divisions of Certification below) of CSA Standard W47.1 must designate and qualify a Welding Engineer who is responsible for welding related activities as specified by the company. The engineer(s) must meet the minimum educational and experience requirements of the applicable standard and complete the written examinations on the following standards:

  • CSA Standard W47.1, Certification of Companies for Fusion Welding of Steel
  • CSA Standard W59, Welded Steel Construction (Metal Arc Welding)

If the educational requirements of the applicable standard have not been met, additional courses may be required. Each designated engineer's educational and experience qualification information must be submitted to the The CWB Group for review. An interview will be conducted to review the material submitted and discuss the engineer's experience and educational background.

4. Submit for Approval the Company's Welding Procedures

Each company must prepare and submit to the CWB Group for acceptance, a detailed set of welding procedures consisting of:

  • Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) for each welding process used.
  • Welding Procedure Data Sheets (WPDS) for each welding process used, joint configuration, electrode type, etc.

In certain circumstances, based on the welding procedure submission, procedure qualification tests may be required to verify the acceptance of the welding procedure data sheets.

5. Qualify Welders

All welders, welding operators and tack welders employed by the company must be tested for the processes and positions of welding which they use in production.

6. Review and Recommendation for Certification

From time to time, a CWB Group representative will visit each company to complete an audit report and provide assistance. Once all of the above are completed and all other items such as electrode storage facilities (shop and field), general appearance of welding, etc. are acceptable, then the company is recommended for certification.

Upon satisfactory completion of the final review procedure, the company is issued a Letter of Certification, Letter of Validation and a Document of Certification. Permission is also granted to use the CWB Group registered trademark on the company's letterhead and promotional material.

Divisions of Certification

Division 1
To be certified in Division 1, the company must employ on a full-time basis a registered professional engineer(s) responsible for welding related activities specified by the company.
Division 2
To be certified in Division 2, the company must retain on a part-time basis a registered professional engineer(s) responsible for welding related activities specified by the company.
Division 3
The company is not required to have a registered professional engineer, either employed or retained.

Fabricator and erector qualification

Fabricators and erectors responsible for welding structures fabricated or erected under this standard shall be certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau to the requirements of CSA W47.1 (Division 1 or Division 2), CSA W55.3, or both, as applicable. Part of the work may be sublet to a Division 3 fabricator or erector; however, the Division 1 or Division 2 fabricator or erector shall retain responsibility for the sublet work.