The CWB qualifies Welding Engineers under CSA W47.1, W47.2, W186 and W55.3, providing a range of training materials to support the needs of engineers looking to specialize in welding.

Each company applying for certification in Division 1 or 2 of CSA Standard W47.1, W47.2 or W55.3 must designate and qualify a Welding Engineer who is responsible for welding related activities as specified by the company.

Companies applying for certification to CSA Standard W186, must designate and qualify one or more engineers who will be responsible for Welding Design, and Welding Procedures and Practice.

The engineer(s) must be designated by a company, certified or applicant prior to applying for the Qualification of Welding Engineer.

The engineer(s) must meet the following minimum requirements of the applicable standard.


Each welding engineer must be a registered professional engineer.  When the company seeking certification is located outside of Canada, the welding engineer must demonstrate comparable qualifications to the satisfaction of the Bureau. 

This criterion is confirmed through a review of the specified Provincial or Territorial Professional Engineer Association’s membership roster or directory of practitioners.  Alternatively the candidate may be asked to provide evidence of a current acceptable license to practice engineering. 


Each welding engineer must demonstrate a basic knowledge of the material being welded, welding fundamentals, welding metallurgy, and welding procedures and practice. 

This criterion is confirmed through the review of qualifications granted by educational institutions which provide welding related programs.  The Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB), and the International Institute of Welding (IIW), among others are examples of organizations which provide courses or qualifications that have been reviewed and recognized as having met this criterion.  If the educational requirements of the applicable standard have not been met, additional courses may be required. 

  • Note: CSA Standard W47.1 Annex A.1 provides additional guidance in regards to the body of knowledge engineers are expected to demonstrate in order to qualify under this standard.

CWBi Modular Learning Packages: The following Modular Learning Packages offered by the Canadian Welding Bureau Institute have been reviewed and accepted as meeting the educational requirements of the specified standard as indicated in the EDUCATION section above.


Each welding engineer must demonstrate five (5) years of welding related experience specific to the qualification being sought. 

This criterion is confirmed through a review of documentation submitted by the engineer.  Documentation demonstrating activities such as welding inspection, welding supervision, weld testing, weld designing or detailing, welding instruction, fabrication planning, manual, semi-automatic, mechanized, or automatic welding and welding procedure development and testing are all considered relevant supporting documents.  This list of activities is not exhaustive and other forms of welding related documentation may be acceptable.


Each welding engineer must be knowledgeable in the applicable codes and standards.

This criterion is demonstrated through the candidate’s successful completion of the CWB examinations on the applicable welding standards.