How ISO 9001 complements CSA W47.1

Increase customer satisfaction, reduce cost
and increase productivity

ISO 9001 can help certified welding companies with strategic-level risk management and quality analysis.

Quality Management systems support the alignment of management objectives and incorporate all business processes into a unified quality management approach.

The Benefits of having ISO 9001 and CSA W47.1

  • The W47.1 certified organization has already done some of the work, and gained some of the understanding, needed to get ISO 9001
  • ISO 9001 has broad market appeal and is an internationally recognized standard, building on the recognition of W47.1 in Canada.
  • More strategic-level risk management and quality analysis
  • More alignment with the objectives of top management
  • ISO 9001 Incorporates all of a business’s processes into a unified quality management approach
  • More integration into the direction and needs of the business

Learn how ISO 9001 can complement your CSA W47.1 company

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