Welding Productivity

Welding is often a labour-intensive process with a significant effect on the profitability of manufacturing and construction organizations. Managers and supervisors responsible for welding should have a sound understanding of the factors influencing welding productivity, how it is measured and how it can be improved. This two-part course will develop that understanding through the use of an online introduction (22 hours) and a 2.5 day seminar/workshop where participants will learn through presentations, networking and case study assignments. Learn how to review welding operations through a productivity analysis magnifying glass and take steps to increase both productivity and profitability.

Course Delivery
Online Self Study (Required), prior to 2.5 days classroom

Topics covered during the Welding Productivity course include:

  • Background knowledge needed including welding processes,drawing and weld symbol interpretation, and the application of calculations and spreadsheets,
  • Deposition rate based weld cost estimating methods,
  • Application of travel speed based weld cost estimating methods,
  • Productivity improvement methods including doing less welding, faster welding or increasing the proportion of welding vs. nonwelding time,
  • Application of welding procedures in optimizing welding operations,
  • Supporting analysis including return on investment and capacity planning calculations.

Participants will gain access the CWB Resource Centre for Welding Productivity and its online welding cost estimator which simplifies the calculation process. While methods to estimate productivity for sheet metal applications will be introduced, the emphasis will be on thicker metal applications using an alternate calculation method.

How much does your organization spend annually on welding operations? Invest in lowering these costs by gaining the expertise you need to optimize welding productivity.

Upcoming Classes

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