Radiation Safety and CEDO Preparation

Course Overview

Training Objectives
This training focuses on radiation safety for those using x- and gamma radiation. The course provides a basic understanding of radiation principles, safe working practices and regulations pertaining to the use of ionizing radiation. An excellent preparatory course for industrial radiographers, Radiation Safety Officers and meets the training requirements of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission for those seeking their Certified Exposure Device Operator's (CEDO) license.

Recommended subjects for Radiation Safety Programs:

  • Fundamentals of radiation physics
  • Origin of penetrating radiation
  • Maximum permissible doses
  • Fundamentals of radiation protection: time, distance, shielding
  • Emergency situations
  • Radiation measurements and instrumentation
  • Provincial regulations
  • Regulations of the Atomic Energy Control Board
  • Transportation of radioactive materials

Notes: On the first day of the program, you will be required to show proof of your full legal name, to satisfy requirements of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. Your full legal name must match the name registered on the course list. If there is a discrepancy, your name will be corrected within your Member Area so that your course diploma meets CNSC's requirements of “candidate's full legal name”.

For details about Vocational Training courses, in particular about the requirement for a student's full legal name, please click here to visit the CNSC's website.

Full EDO Certification Process details can be found here: http://nuclearsafety.gc.ca/eng/nuclear-substances/exposure-device-operat...

Participants are requested to have a calculator capable of scientific notation.

This course is offered in partnership with Canadian Institute for Non-Destructive Evaluation (CINDE).

Visit the CINDE website to register.