Weld Coupon Assessment - Rubric

The CWB Association Rubric is a user-friendly template to assist all welding training institutions mark weld coupons consistently across Canada. This valuable resource tool was developed by a group of instructional welding experts, and after several version improvements, we are proud to offer this official template to all CWB Association members at no charge. The CWB Association would like to acknowledge all those individuals that played an integral role in making this initiative a success ... thank-you!


The CWBA Rubric documents marks of up to 30 individual students, with a wide choice of weld tests including: 2 oxy-fuel cut option, 1 braze weld option, 8 fillet weld options, and 8 groove weld options; or any combination within. All marks are compiled into a class "FINAL MARKS" spreadsheet for review. Individual marks are formulated to populate an "Individual Report Card", which may be used for student counselling and one-on-one review.


The objective of having welding training programs using the same Rubric template is to unify our Canadian marking system. Percentile differences between welding educators/training institutions/jurisdictions has been significantly improved by using a unified system of clear, well-defined criteria. This will greatly assist in harmonizing our welder training programs across Canada. It will also promote and enhance the mobility of welders- improving efforts to recognize welder credentials at par between jurisdictions.


The CWBA Rubric posters are to complement the Rubric template. Posting in the classroom and welding lab provides opportunity for Educators to discuss details with the students. The posters provide a well-defined reference of criteria during examination.

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