How can I practice as a welding engineer in Canada?

Question requested by: Anthony Chinwuba

Question:How can I practice as a welding engineer in Canada?

Author: Inderpal (Indy) S. Jaswal: Registrar & Director, Quality Assurance – CWB Group 

Answer: It is difficult to provide a specific response to this question.  Generally, the term welding engineer refers a qualification for an individual working for a company certified to a Canadian welding standard (i.e. CSA W47.1).  

The concept of Welding Engineer exists only within the scope of the CSA Welding Certification Standards.  The requirements for the qualification of Welding Engineers are defined in these Standards which are CSA Standard W47.1, W47.2, W186, & W55.3.  

The Standard defines the qualification requirements, which include:

  • Holding a valid Canadian Professional Engineer license (P.Eng.),

  • Five years of welding related experience,

  • Knowledge of the properties of steel, welding fundamentals, welding metallurgy, and welding procedures and practices (an IWE meets this requirement),

  • Demonstrated knowledge of the applicable Canadian codes and standards.

For welding engineering opportunities with non-certified companies, it will be their specific competency requirements that will need to be met.

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