CWBi Acorn

Welcome to something new in trades education

Welcome to Acorn -- is a new national initiative to provide standardized training, testing, assessment, credentials and recruiting at a national level. It can best be thought of as a flexible learning platform that can be easily adopted on its own, or adapted to fit within existing training initiatives.

It is intended to be national program with a prime goal of providing world-class training material and support programs in a fully uniform, transparent and accountable fashion. It will be centrally administered and managed through CWB Group’s CWB Education on behalf of industry, educators and students who want to support the program.

Administered directly through CWB Education, CWBi Acorn and its associated programs and testing/ assessment are run fully independently of the activities of the CWB Group, and associated company certification and welder qualification processes.


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  • Provides uniform training nationally
  • Provides access to tools that help employers recruit the right staff
  • Self paced learning: In class, online or mobile
  • Can be used by itself or incorporated into existing training programs
  • Low cost centralized National training resource

Acorn Advantages

Career Stream

Career Stream

Acorn is built around the concept of career paths, with each career path having progressive levels of learning.

Learning Levels

Learning Levels

Acorn typically provides at least two levels of training within each of the supported career paths: General Knowledge, Pre-Employment, Industry Specialization, Skills Specialization, Skills Upgrade.

Course Materials

Course Materials

World-class content that has been developed from the ground up with the needs of today’s learners and educators in mind. Currently this content represents over 10,000 pages of fully modern and up-to-date theory and practical exercises relating specifically to Acorn’s key career paths.

Delivery Options

Delivery Options

Acorn course and content has been developed to provide maximum flexibility in terms of its delivery. Depending on the subject, most courses provide up three common delivery methods: Classroom/ in-shop, Online, Hybrid and Mobile.


Exercises, Exams, Quizzes and Assessments

All Acorn courses are supported by standardized testing developed to gauge a learner’s uptake and retention of both theory and practical content.

What's Inside Acorn?

Acorn is comprised of 4 key services, which provide uniform training nationally:


AcornCore is the administrative online portal for Acorn. It provides central course administration for instructors, allowing them to create courses, enroll students, access teaching resources, create licensed student material and review grades and progress.

  • Web driven
  • Print on demand
Acorn Core
Acorn Core
Acorn Online

AcornOnline is Acorn’s online learning management system. It is responsible for delivering online and distance learning course material as well as online theory exams and quizzes. AcornOnline is tied to AcornCore, allowing seamless delivery of in-class, in-shop and online content.

  • Self paced
  • Fully interactive

AcornMobile is a free mobile application that handles the “in-hand” delivery of Acorn course material. AcornMobile is integrated directly into in-class student material and provides an additional interactive layer for viewing video, 3D objects and augmented reality environments.

  • Interactive and engaging
Acorn Mobile
Acorn Mobile
Acorn Connect

AcornConnect is Acorn’s centralized assessment and recruiting portal. It provides an online front end for administering Acorn’s national skills assessments, as well as a national database of assessment takers tied to skills matching and recruiting functions for employers.

  • Skills assessments
  • Comprehensive report
Invest in education, yourself and your future!   Start Today

Tools for 21st Century Learning

3D Augmented Reality is embedded in all acorn course material and available through AcornMobile, the free mobile application developed specifically for use with Acorn learning materials. Designed to facilitate the “in-hand” delivery of support material within the Acorn program, it’s main purpose is to put key learning material directly in the hands of the students. Intended to augment the material taught by the instructor.

  • Access to key content, linked from QR codes within presentations, handouts and exercises
  • Ability to link to and view and fully manipulate 3D and Augmented Reality models of practical exercises and reference objects
  • Ability to view instructional videos tied to specific Acorn exercisers and lessons
  • Ability to view quick-reference charts and graphics of key concepts
  • Direct Integration with additional AcornMobilized products