Learning Resources for Secondary Schools

World class content for secondary schools across Canada

To meet the growing demands for skilled trades workers and help reverse skilled labour shortage trends, the CWB Group has committed to providing world-class content for secondary schools across Canada.

Secondary school teachers play a key role in getting students excited about careers in skilled trades, and CWB Education Learning Resources has developed industry-leading content to support educators and engage youth.

In conjunction with our CWB Welding Foundation, we offer content that helps students understand fundamental concepts in welding and metalwork as it relates to technology education and entry-level trades training.

Through our LMS, we support students and teachers in over 300 high schools and school districts throughout Canada! All secondary school content includes instructor PowerPoints, practical exercises, quizzes and e-learning. These resources help metalwork teachers change how students interact with trades-based learning by providing them with relevant knowledge to successfully enter post-secondary, apprenticeship, and work experience programs.

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