Welding Specialist Mark

The Welding Specialist Mark provides a visible identifier of a welding professional’s knowledge of basic welding fundamentals, CSA welding standards and how they support the protection of public safety.

CWB Welding Specialist MarkThe CWB Welding Specialist Mark program has also been designed to increase knowledge of welding professionals around the link between the National/Provinical Building Code of Canada, CSA design and product standards and their relationship to the CSA welding certification programs in Canada.

Welding specialists play a significant role within organizations or as individual consultants when it comes to ensuring that CSA welding certification programs are in place where required. Individuals meeting the requirements for the CWB Welding Specialist Mark will be permitted to use their Mark on designated marketing materials to communicate their proven knowledge and their achievement of successfully becoming a CWB Welding Specialist.

Usage of the Mark

All approved individuals will be assigned a unique QualityMark number and Mark logo that they can use for promotional purposes. Information on all mark holders is made available to the public through the CWB Group website linked to URLs provided by CWB. A branding guide outlining the correct use of the QualityMark will be provided to all individuals who qualify. QualityMark holders get access to advertising, support and special mark programs developed to showcase their commitment to public safety and welding standards.