Acceptance by USA Jurisdictions

The United States has no mandatory code or standard for certification of a company’s welding operations.

The “International Building Code” (IBC) published by the International Code Council (ICC) is the national model building code used in the United States. The IBC requires either “special inspections” in the fabricating shops to ensure conformance with the approved plans, specifications and workmanship provisions of the building code and standards of quality, or fabricator approval. Weld inspection requirements are in accordance with AWS D1.1 “Structural Welding Code”.

The Canadian Welding Bureau has worked with building authorities in US states and cities to obtain recognition of the Canadian welding certification system to demonstrate both the value of the CWB certification program and that it can meet the requirements of the IBC. The recognition waives the need for “special inspections” in the fabrication plants of certified companies.

For a current list of US jurisdictions that recognize CWB Certification programs click here.

In addition, the State of Ohio Board of Building Standards has recognized the both the Canadian Welding Bureau and QUASAR as accredited conformity assessment bodies. Details of these accreditations can be accessed below:

Details of Canadian Welding Bureau Accreditation
Details of QUASAR Accreditation