The Canadian welding industry recognized the need to control and monitor the skills of welders early in the 20th century. Just like today, there is a critical need to ensure that those individuals involved in welding operations are adequately skilled and, furthermore, that those skills are maintained.

Canada's approach under Canadian Standards Association (CSA) welding standards to welding quality and testing has been a key in protecting the safety of the public and ensuring a sustainable and reliable infrastructure. For over 6 decades, Canada has had an effective system for testing welders and retesting these same welders to ensure that the quality of our welded structures and product is maintained; thereby ensuring that public safety remains a key driver in Canadian society. Through its role as the national administrator of CSA welding standards and the only SCC Accredited welding certification body in Canada, the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) plays an essential role in the industry helping the fabricators understand legislation and welding standards.

The CWB's goal is not only to certify companies, products and qualify welders, but also to act as a technical resource for the industry. With our extensive experience and knowledge, the industry is encouraged to partner with us, working together to address their needs to ensure that Canadian industry can be competitive in the global marketplace.