Since 1947, the CWB has been an active partner with Canadian Regulators and Government in the protection of public safety through the oversight of the welded fabrication of our infrastructure. Canada is a world leader in welding certification programs.

As we drive over bridges, walk in our local shopping center or enjoy time with family in our homes, most of us take it for granted that the structures that we use every day will be safe. However, this safe infrastructure we enjoy did not happen by accident. The primary reason for this assumption of safety by the general public has been the expanded use of standards and systems since the early part of the 20th century.

Although advances through both innovation and greater understanding of design and construction techniques has also had a positive impact on the safety of structures, it has been standards which have ensured that all organizations and individuals involved in designing and building the infrastructure we use follow consistent practices to mitigate the risk of failure and, therefore, harm to the public. Through standards, knowledge and best practices can be shared throughout a given industry and provide a basis for high quality and safe products, allowing lessons learned to be shared and in return raising the bar on safety.

The CWB Office of Public Safety is a strong advocate for Canadian industry, Canadian Standards and for the protection of Public Safety. Government at all levels is encourage to contact the CWB to learn more about the key role that we play in the protection of the public.