Validating Certification

There are several methods by which certification can be verified:

  1. Verify company status on the CWB Office of Public Safety website
    Search our database of CWB certified clients. Be sure to verify that the scope of certification matches work on the specific project.
  2. Letter of Validation
    You can request that the company provide their current CWB “Letter of Validation”. Be sure to verify expiry dates and the scope of certification.
  3. Call the CWB
    You can call the CWB at 1-800-844-6790 to verify any claim of certification. We just need the company name and address to verify their status and scope of certification.

It should be noted that the following items are not proof of certification on their own.

  • Welder Tickets
  • Welding Procedures
  • Wall Certificates
  • Welding Supervisor Certificates

These documents are all critical parts of the certification process however, on their own, do not constitute proof of certification of a company. If you are unsure of the status of a company’s certification, we encourage you to contact the CWB for clarification and assistance.