Report an Incident / Request Enforcement

The CWB Office of Public Safety will investigate complaints and provide enforcement related to several issues. These include:

  • Compliance / quality issues for currently certified companies
  • Regulated work being undertaken by non-certified companies
  • Non-certified fabricators and/or erectors on construction sites
  • Weld quality issues which may result in a threat to the safety of the public
  • Other related issues

To request an investigation or a construction site visit either call us at 1-800-844-6790 x717 or complete the following form.

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Select all that apply
Please provide important details about the concern (Names, Phone #/Email address of general contractor, engineer of record, governing body, witnesses and accused (company or person); project name; site address; date/time of occurrence.)
If you'd like to upload a photo (JPG) or document (PDF) please do so.
Files must be less than 5 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg pdf.

Complaints regarding any of the above noted issues can also be made through the CWB Group ConfidenceLine™. Complaints made through the CWB Group ConfidenceLine™ program may be made anonymously. For information on the ConfidenceLine™ program including how to report a complaint, please visit

Complaint requests will be treated as confidential, however, please note that information may be released to regulatory agencies (e.g. Building Officials) or to other parties if it is determined that a threat to public safety exists.