Certification by the CWB is not a one-time exercise. Certified companies must continually demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the certification standard. This includes testing of new welders, retesting of existing welders, qualification of new welding procedures and ongoing verification of visual weld quality.

The CWB conducts onsite audits of all certificated companies at a frequency of no less than six months. Companies found to be in non-compliance with the requirement of the standard are given a defined period of time to put a corrective action in place or their certification will be withdrawn.

Enforcement Updates

April 2018 to Year-to-Date

Complaint/False Certification Claim Received Actioned Resolved Investigation On-going
False Claims of Certification 33 33 29 4
Use of Unqualified Welders 2 2 1 0
Non-Compliance to Certification Standards 22 22 19 1
Use of Non-Certified Companies 42 42 37 7
Quality and/or Public Safety Issues 20 20 18 3
Totals 119 119 104 15
Job Site Visits
Total Visits 723
Non-Certified Companies 28

The CWB Office of Public Safety investigates complaints from the public related to the work of certified companies, including non-compliance with the standard and weld quality issues. We will work with the company to resolve the relevant issues, involving additional parties as required. Again, companies that do not satisfactorily resolve any identified issues will have their certification withdrawn.

Additionally, the CWB conducts construction site visits to ensure that fabricators and erectors involved in construction projects are correctly certified for the work they are undertaking. The results of these site visits are communicated to the local Site Superintendent. Additionally, should the fabricators and erectors not be correctly certified, the CWB Office of Public Safety will inform the responsible Building Official or regulator of our findings.

To request a complaints investigation, a construction site visit or other enforcement related activities, please click here.