Welding Industry Days

Welding Industry Days
with the CWB Group

Welding Industry Day will serve to provide industry professionals with a combination of extraordinary convenience, technical presentations, networking opportunities, and content that is relevant to your business at no cost to attend.

As the Source of Excellence in Welding, the CWB group seeks to promote the health of the welding industry in local communities and, therefore, in Canada as a whole. We are committed to being leaders to affect positive change for the ongoing improvement of the sector, including attracting new people to the trade. Taking our customer feedback into consideration, we are hosting these local market events to serve you better.

Why Attend?

  • Get information and hands on experience with advancements and innovations in equipment, safety and consumable products
  • Learn about how to improve productivity and efficiencies of welding and finishing operations including welding automation
  • Connect welding industry professionals with the next generation
  • Networking and relationship building to connect young welders with seasoned welders for mentoring, coaching and job opportunities
  • Support the success of the welding industry
  • Learn about codes and standard updates

Upcoming Welding Industry Days

February 9th, 2021
Virtual Event

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