In Person Exams

Please allow a 30 day window from the time you book your examination to the date you will be writing the examination to ensure the centre has enough time to receive the examination from the CWB Group.

Book an In Person Exam

To book an examination please follow these steps:

  1. Choose an examination centre from one of our approved centres or request to use a centre of your own choosing.
  2. Arrange for an examination date with the examination centre.
  3. Complete an Examination Request Form for Certification Exam or Education Exam and submit it, along with the required fee, to the CWB Group.
  4. If the examination centre is approved the CWB Group will send the examinations to the designated invigilator.
  5. Complete your exams on the scheduled date. The invigilator will return the completed examinations to the CWB Group. Candidates are responsible for notifying the CWB Group and the examination centre of any examination date changes.
  6. Examination candidates are responsible for the payment of all fees charged by the examination centre to invigilate the examinations.