Automotive Repair Technician Welding Program

Automotive Welding Training and Qualification

Automotive Repair Technician Welding Program

Get the training and welding qualification you need to stay ahead of the game.

Automotive Welding Qualification is a must-have for all technicians that repair and weld vehicles in your collision repair facility. To achieve the highest quality repair, utilize best practices, and ensure vehicles are properly and safely repaired, choose the CWB Automotive Repair Welding Qualification program for your team. For over 70 years, the CWB Group has provided training and testing services to companies across Canada seeking Certification and Welder Qualification.

Certification Benefits

  • Automotive Welding Training and Qualification at your own facility with your own equipment
  • Ensure all your technicians have the training and skills needed for welding
  • Increased skill levels = quality assurance for Collision Repair Facilities
  • Satisfies welding certification requirements for most OEM Certification programs
  • Third party oversight and onsite training by certified welding specialists
  • Enhanced credibility provided by CWB Automotive welding certifications
  • Savings when you register multiple technicians to participate
  • Technicians receive CWB Automotive Welding accreditation after completing training and testing