The CWB Group's Office of Public Safety is pleased to announce the official launch of their website This interactive and informative website will be a hub for essential resource materials for building officials, engineers, general contractors and welding companies as well as the general public.

Safety Website“The Office of Public Safety’s website will provide all stakeholders with invaluable information pertaining to their respective fields and ample resources related to certification,” said Craig Martin, Vice President of the Office of Public Safety. “Our overall objective is to aid stakeholders, industry and government with the latest information regarding all aspects of the Canadian welding industry.”

“A secondary element to the user friendly website is to promote safety through proper implementation of Canadian welding standards,” he said. “Welding is an industry highly regarded and used in everyday life from the fabrication of bridges, massive skyscrapers and even shipping vessels, so it’s very significant that public safety ties into that, and we’re here to educate, enforce and engage stakeholders, and with the launch of the website, it will assist us in reaching our long term strategy.”

In addition, the Office of Public Safety’s website will include their flagship initiative: The WeldQuality Mark program. This free program for CWB certified companies is the first of its kind in Canada with an emphasis on weld quality.

“This unique initiative will provide CWB certified companies with an opportunity to brand themselves as promoters of public safety while differentiating their company and quality of work from others who are not using the WeldQuality Mark,” said Mr. Martin. “We encourage all certified companies to utilize this free service to further promote their commitment to public safety.”


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