False Claims of Certification

CSA A660: Certification of Manufacturers of Steel Building Systems

In Canada as mandated by the National and Provincial building codes, Section states: "Steel building systems shall be manufactured by companies certified in accordance with the requirements of CSA A660, "Certification of Manufacturers of Steel Building Systems".

Only companies with facilities that have maintained certification are granted permission to advertise A660 certification under the certified facilities name as listed on their certificate and letter of validation.

As of August 21, 2017, the certification for Pavilion Building Manufacturing Inc., CWB company code PAVBU0 located at 11695 - 147 Street, Edmonton, AB has been withdrawn. As of the date of the certification withdrawal, CWB no longer grants the company permission to advertise that their Pavilion facilities are certified to A660 and no longer grant the use of the CWB CSA A660 certification mark. There are no other facilities with the name Pavilion that is certified to CSA A660.

Building Officials are the authority having jurisdiction authorizing installations of steel building systems, consequently purchasers of Pavilion steel building systems manufactured after August 21, 2017, must reach out to the local building official for approval.