Determination of Optimum Welding Mode with Method of Inverse Problem

Valery V. Melyukov
Arthur K. Gukasov

Presented At: 
CWA Conference 2014

In welding and correlated processes there is a common problem of the mode determination of the concentrated source. The problem of welding mode determination is an inverse problem. Welding mode determined by solution of this problem is a cause of the welding process and this cause must be expressed in dependence on required properties of welding joint and temperature distribution which are an effect of welding process. The efficient methods to solve the inverse problem and to get the mode of welding process are methods of optimal control, i.e., the moment method, L. Pontryagin’s maximum principle, P. Bellman’s method of dynamic programming. These methods make possible to solve the inverse problems in class of piecewise continuous functions. The welding mode consisting that kind of functions may be efficiently realized by are, electron beam and lazer technologies.

In this paper the generalized moment method is used as a regularization method to solve the problem of mode determination.

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