Apprenticeship at Irving Shipuilding

Ralph England | Training Team Lead, Irving Shipbuilding

Presented At: 
Educators Conference 2019

An introduction to apprenticeship and Training at Irving Shipbuilding Inc., and in the shipbuilding industry. Discussing the progress, possibilities and the impact of continued Shipbuilding projects for the Maritimes. We will present the scope of constructing a steel structure as complex, and demanding, as a ship. Defining levels of oversight and how to support an apprentice in an intimidating industry. Our focus on addressing the ongoing changes in ship construction technology and bringing apprentices up to the level and standard that shipbuilding demands. The production resources group of Irving Shipbuilding will present how it takes an active approach to expediting apprentices thru the block program, setting schedules and supporting skills development. We show how we avail new trades people the opportunity to accelerate their progression to their “Red Seal Journeyman”.

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