Aluminum Joining Technologies – an overview

Ian Cross

Senior Manager Joining Engineering: Valiant TMS

Presented At: 
CanWeld Conference 2017

In the automotive industry, there is a huge focus on light-weighting materials in order to better achieve the CAFE standards that are continually driving emission reductions. The presentation will cover fusion joining processes such as resistance, arc and laser welding as well as mechanical and solid state joining processes such as riveting, clinching and friction. For the different technologies that will be explored, some are provided by limited suppliers, so the names of the equipment suppliers, or trade names that the process would be recognized by (similar to Kleenex for tissues) will be included. The content will be based on information available from suppliers, as well as direct experience of the presenter with the intent to show the different technologies available, not getting into research results or joint strength comparisons. The premise of the presentation will be to introduce technologies that the audience may or may not be aware of that gives the potential to help them find other possible solutions in their joining projects. This focus of the presentation will be on automotive applications, however, can extend to other industries as well.

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