Alberta Apprenticeship & Industry Training updates

j'Amey Bevan- AIT Board Chair

Presented At: 
Educators Conference 2018

Alberta’s apprenticeship and industry training system is developed with industry, for industry. All system stakeholders-government, industry and educators-work collaboratively to develop a highly skilled, educated and competitive trades workforce, for both current and future industry demand. Although current economic conditions have had a significant impact on the trades, both in Alberta and nationally, we are working strategically to ensure we will have a competent future workforce. In addition to the challenges facing apprentices and employers as a result of the recent economic downturn, we are mindful that a large segment of the current workforce is rapidly approaching retirement. We risk losing decades of knowledge, skills and experience when these trades professionals retire. Apprenticeship and industry training stakeholders, including industry and training providers, all have a vital role in overcoming these challenges by respectively attracting, hiring, training and mentoring apprentices. Only by working together can we ensure the future success of our skilled trades community. 

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