Advancements of Tandem Welding

Brian Ronan

Presented At: 
CWA Conference 2013

Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW or MIG) is the most commonly used process in the welding industry due to its productivity and availability advantages over other welding processes. These advantages include higher travel speeds, great efficiency, repeatability, versatility and flexibility for welding countless types of materials in various thicknesses. The challenge facing the GMAW process is continuing to improve productivity while sustaining quality welds. To meet these demands new welding processes must be developed and implemented which has resulted in Fronius CMT Twin. The advanced Fronius welding process CMT has now been combined with Twin or Tandem welding for the highest travel speeds and heaviest deposition of any GMAW process. Joining or cladding applications are now possible at higher production rates while maintaining quality to meet increasing industry demands.

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