Government Support Programs

To assist welding professionals, apprentices, aspiring welding professionals and business owners regarding financial support from the government, the CWB Association maintains a database of provincial, territorial and central governments’ funding initiates.  Please select a province from the map below to view the available programs for the chosen province/territory.

Are you interested in becoming an apprentice in the metal trades?

What’s in it for you?

  • An opportunity of a lifetime to learn welding skills that pay well
  • Work with 3-4 employers over the apprenticeship period
  • Exposure to a variety of different processes, technologies, products for an enhanced learning experience
  • Develop greater and more varied skill sets to prepare you for the broad range of careers found in this sector

Discover more details and how to get started

Refer to the map below and click on your location for specific information for your province.

For a list of other grants specific to all Canadians regardless of province location, click HERE.