Supplier Donation Assists Secondary School Welding Education Across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba

February 6, 2024

The Canadian Centre of Welding and Joining (CCWJ) at the University of Alberta, in collaboration with the CWB Group, is honoured to support the distribution of a generous anonymous gift of over 58,000 lbs of Shield-Arc® 70+ Stick Electrodes (SMAW). These electrodes will be distributed to learning environments across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, providing an invaluable resource to support welding programs in the region.

The Shield-Arc® 70+ Stick Electrodes, boasting a 3/16" diameter and meeting AWS A5.5 standards (E8010-P1, E8010-G, Low Alloy, Cellulosic, Pipe), serve as an impactful addition to learning outcomes, particularly as a 6010 replacement.

The significance of this gift lies in its potential to enhance welding programs across the region, easing the financial burden of consumables required for secondary school programs like welding and offering students invaluable hands-on experience and practical skills.

This anonymous donation to over 100 secondary schools across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, coordinated through the CCWJ at the U of A marks a pivotal moment. The CWB Welding Foundation's financial support with the logistical costs of moving the large amount of material to various distribution centres at partnering institutions, with an anticipated distribution of 10-15 tins (50 lbs per tin) for each school. The CWB Group and the CCWJ at the U of A, are committed to ensuring these electrodes reach welding programs at no cost.

The CCWJ at the U of A, in partnership with the unwavering support of CWB Group, expresses profound gratitude to the anonymous donor  for their contribution to technical education across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Together, these organizations exemplify a collective commitment to enriching welding programs and empowering the next generation of skilled professionals in secondary schools across these regions.

Media Contacts

Goetz Dapp
Director, Office of Research
College of Natural and Applied Sciences
University of Alberta

Sarah Dingman
Manager, Marketing and Communications
CWB Welding Foundation
Phone: 249-885-3508