The need for consistent welding standards and the uniform regulation of those standards was recognized in the 1930’s. At that time it had become apparent that welding was being stifled in many countries by a multiplicity of standards and regulations developed by different technical organizations and public authorities. To avert this in Canada, and to promote welding as a safe and viable joining technology, the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) was given the mandate to start standards development and the creation of a national body to administer them. After an initial delay due to the outbreak of WWII, the CSA started the process of activating standards development. The resulting work produced a framework for several key national welding standards.

By January 1, 1947 the two key national welding standards, W59 and W47, were in place and the Canadian Welding Bureau (now known as the CWB Group) was immediately established to administer them. As per the mandate, the role of the Welding Bureau was to act as the official administering body to ensure the uniform rollout and enforcement of the standards across Canada, including their embedding within the National Building Code. Key to this role was the certification of companies, personnel and consumables in conformance with the new standards, as well as the education of welders and welding professionals with respect to the best and safest practices, critical work that has continued uninterrupted since then.

Although there has been many advances and changes to both welding technology and CSA’s associated codes, the work of the CWB Group continues – with a strong focus on guarding public safety and improving the quality of products by the Canadian welding, joining and erecting industry.

Service - To a Greater Good

In the seven decades we have been in existence, our mandate has grown to reflect the changing needs of the industries we serve. Currently, the CWB Group is comprised of five business units as well as an industry association – the CWB Association. Our structure allows us to deliver key resources on a number of fronts: Safety and certification through CWB Certification, Welding and NDT Education through CWB Education, ISO and Management System registration through CWB Registration, welding engineering sevices through CWB Consulting, and the well-being and growth of Canada’s welding industry and professionals through the CWB Association. From humble Canadian administrative beginnings, the CWB Group has grown to become an internationally recognized brand – offering services across a range of industries spread world-wide; increasing quality and productivity, improving education and training, and securing public safety.