CWB Group Announces Key Updates to CSA W59 Standard in 2024 Edition

May 10, 2024

Milton, Ontario — The CWB Group, a leader in the welding industry, is excited to announce the release of the 2024 edition of the CSA W59 standard. Published in March 2024, this updated standard introduces critical changes and enhancements that are set to redefine safety, quality, and efficiency in welding practices across Canada.

Enhancements in the CSA W59-2024 Edition

The 2024 edition of CSA W59 incorporates significant advancements reflecting the latest technological and material developments in the industry. Key updates include:

  • Requirements for Welded Joints in Base Metals with Specified Toughness Properties: These new requirements provide additional guidance as to when additional procedure qualification testing is required, appropriate welding consumables, and the limitation of prequalified joints concerning specified toughness properties. 
  • Boron Limitations in Weldable Steels: In response to the critical impact of boron on welding processes and joint integrity, new limitations have been placed on the intentional addition of boron in weldable steels. This measure ensures the highest standard of quality and safety in welded structures.
  • Updated Requirements for Skewed Joint Welds: The revised edition will provide increased clarity on the design and welding of skewed joints.
  • Requirements for welds in hollow structural sections (HSS): To address the increased use of HSS in structural applications, new requirements have been added related to the design of welds in hollow sections.
  • Recognition of Cast Steels:  Reflecting the use of cast steels in many structural applications, the standard now recognizes the use of many common cast steel grades and includes requirements for welding specific to casting.
  • Guidance for welding with parallel electrodes (twin-wire):  New requirements have been added to reflect the use of “twin-wire” electrode configurations with SAW as well as FCAW, MCAW, and GMAW. This includes requirements for their use in prequalified joint configurations.
  • Requirements for Encoded Phased Array Inspection: Building on the inclusion of requirements for manual phased array UT inspection in the 2018 edition, the new edition will add requirements for encoded phased array UT inspection to recognize the increased use of this evolving technology in the industry. 

"The CWB Group remains steadfast in our commitment to uphold and advance the standards of excellence in welding through continuous improvements to the CSA W59 standards," said Craig Martin, Chief Operating Officer at the CWB Group. "These updates not only reflect the evolving needs of the industry but also our dedication to ensuring the highest levels of safety and quality in welding practices."

The CWB Group will continue to provide in-depth analysis and training on these new requirements, ensuring that all stakeholders are well-equipped to implement the changes. To purchase your copy of the W59 2024 standard, visit

About the CWB Group:

The CWB Group is an industry-supported private sector organization providing welding certification, training, and education resources, industry-specific auditing services, and technical advice and support. The CWB Group also engages directly with stakeholders to promote and advocate on behalf of the industry and address challenges faced by the welding sector.

Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, with staff and offices across the country, the CWB Group is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) as a Certification Body for the administration of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) welding-related standards.

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