New Welder Cards and CWB ID

April 11, 2023

CWB would like to share some upcoming enhancements to our welder qualification cards and test reports that will take effect later this month. Effective April 17th, CWB will be implementing the following improvements:


Effective April 17th, all existing welders will be assigned unique identifier known as a “CWB ID”.  This numerical identifier can be used to easily identify welders when completing testing or requesting the transfer of their qualifications.
The CWB ID will be shown on all Welder Qualification Test Summary Reports and on documents of qualification and on our welder qualification “tickets”.
All existing welders holding valid qualifications in CWB’s records have already been assigned a CWB ID which will appear on all reports and qualification documents issued for testing completed after April 17. All new welders will be assigned a CWB ID upon completion of their first qualification test after this date.

Revised Welder Qualification Test Report
We will continue to provide you with an electronic “Welder Qualification Test Summary Report” via email once all test evaluations are completed.  This report includes a summary of the welder qualification tests completed, results of evaluation, and summary of the preliminary charges associated with the testing session.  You will notice two improvements to the report:
  • All welders tested will be identified by both their name and their “CWB ID” number.
  • A new one-page “Welder Qualification Record” will be included as part of the report for each welder achieving a qualification.This document may serve as proof of qualification and can be readily printed and distributed.
Updated Welder Qualification Card (Ticket)

In addition to the inclusion of the new CWB ID, the format of the plastic “Welder Qualification Cards” issued by CWB is changing.  

Information related to the welder’s qualification is now printed on both sides of the card, allowing for an easy-to-read format and for more information to be shown for more complex qualifications. The card will also now show the “effective date” and the “issue date” of the qualification for increase clarity.

Note that Test Centres will continue to only receive unique PDF qualification documents showing additional conditions of use which will also show the new “CWB ID”.

I trust you will find these changes valuable beneficial as we strive to innovate further on your behalf.    To view samples of the new card format click HERE and for the new “Welder Qualification Record” please click HERE. You will also find a list of frequently asked questions and answers at this LINK.