The CWB Group introduces the CSA W47.1 S Classification Handbook

June 2, 2021

The CWB Group is thrilled to announce the release of the CSA W47.1 S Classification Handbook designed to prepare industry professionals for welder qualification testing for groove fillet test assemblies, and it is available for free on the CWB Group website.

The CSA W47.1 standard (Certification of Companies for Fusion Welding of Steel) provides requirements for the certification of companies engaged in the fusion of welding of steel, including qualification requirements for welders, welding procedures, and welding supervisory personnel. The standard requires that a certified company have particular system requirements to meet the weld quality expectations outlined in the applicable standard or specifications.

Our goal with this highly researched and detailed handbook is to prepare welders and welding personnel for their qualification exams effectively. As a governing body, we understand the difficulties with being tested, and we want to simplify the process for industry professionals.

Some of the resources that students can look forward to are:

  • Tips on how to prepare for testing
  • Joint design templates to record parameters
  • Description of test-day expectations
  • Information on common errors and causes of failures
  • Description of test evaluation
  • Next steps if re-testing is required
  • Information regarding qualifications such as renewals and qualification expiry

“Working with education, training, and test centres across Canada, we identified a need to have a descriptive, illustrated handbook to support people who are new to CSA 47.1 S classification testing, said Trent Konrad, Manager, Acorn Education and Development. This document is designed to provide learners with a resource that can help them prepare for a successful welder testing experience and refer to throughout their welding career. “

The CWB Group believes that this handbook will provide the industry with the resources and guidance needed to ensure success on their qualification examinations. Plus, the manual will serve as a knowledge resource that they can access at any point in their careers should they have questions about test assemblies or the CSA W47.1 standard.

View the CSA W47.1 S Classification Handbook by clicking here.