CWB Association partners with YouTube channel Way of the Wrench to bring relevant content to the welding industry

November 10, 2020

The new series called “How to become a welder” will serve to inform and educate the industry on topics of interest in welding

Milton, ON- The CWB Association is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Emil Jurica from the Delta School District in British Columbia on his highly popular channel, Way of the Wrench, to bring welding to you anytime, anywhere. The series is about all things welding, including but not limited to welding safety, setup, proper operation, diagnosing bad welds, and Do-It-Yourself welding projects. The series aims to educate viewers on starting out as welders and what tips and tricks are necessary to succeed in the industry. Emil Jurica will bring over 25 years of experience and teaching expertise to create videos that explain the process and do so in a way that people will understand and appreciate. Along with the CWB Association, Jurica hopes to get the future generation excited about the trades and find a fulfilling career path.

 “I always disliked how many of the custom car shows would skip over details and how they got to the finished product. As a result of that, I decided that my channel would be about helping people get excited about making projects from scratch and show them the details, tips and tricks that I’d learned over my 25 years in the industry. I learned early on that I wanted to share my skills and expertise with the younger generation, so I pursued my Bachelor of Education at BCIT, specializing in Technology. Aside from making educational videos, I teach high school students how to repair vehicles and weld unique metal projects,” shared Jurica.

 “We are so excited to have Emil on board with us. With the COVID-19 pandemic pushing most courses online and affecting hands-on learning in the educational space, having a resource like this series will help engage students. There is no shortage of topics being covered by Emil, and we are looking forward to learning more from him. The goal of the Association is to inform and engage the industry, and we can’t think of a better way to do this than provide students with a resource that will allow them to learn more about how to enter welding and what the steps they can take to succeed in their chosen path,” said Matt Aiton, Marketing Manager at the CWB Group.

The video series can be found on with the first episode streaming now! If you are interested in the welding trade or want to learn some rare DIY projects, subscribe to the channel so you can keep up with when new content is released. Share with your friends, and don’t wait any longer to learn more about welding, cars, plus finding passion in what you do!


About the CWB Association:

For welding industry professionals, the CWB Association is a membership that provides access to valuable welding-related content, industry information, networking, and career advancement advice. Unlike other welding industry associations, the CWBA delivers exceptional benefit to its members at no cost and reaches a Canadian audience. The Association’s value is part of the CWB Group’s commitment to supporting the success of the Canadian welding industry.