CSA Group Welding Standards

CSA Group standards are available in both electronic (PDF) and hard copy (paper) formats.


The electronic format of a standard can be purchased through CSA Group’s online store.

Please note there are strict controls on the electronic versions of the standards as follows:

  • Documents may be viewed and downloaded from CSA OnDemand™ by visiting CSA Group’s online store
  • Documents are for individual use on one computer and may not be shared
  • You are given the right to print one unmodified copy of the document

To purchase an electronic copy, you will be redirected to CSA Group's online store.

Purchase electronic standards
from CSA Group's online store

Hard Copy

If you wish to purchase a hard copy (paper) version, you can do so by visiting our web store.

Please note that there is no cost difference between the electronic and paper versions of the standard.

Purchase hard copy standards
from CWB Group's web site