CWBi Acorn Subsidized Licensing

CWB Education understands that the cost to deliver quality trade training programs can be high. As such, the CWB Group has taken the position that such training needed to be subsidized to ensure that it can delivered cost effectively for any training organizations that wish to deliver it. In some cases, through the partnership with other organizations, CWBi Acorn may be available for free. Where a fee is required, such fees are handled on a subsidized per-student basis, meaning organizations only have pay for the students who are currently enrolled in an CWBi Acorn program.  These licensing fees include access to all related CWBi Acorn content: Instructor material, tests and exercises as well as Classroom, Online and Mobile content. Additional low cost per-student fees also apply to the delivery of CWBi Acorn Assessments. A national fee schedule is available on request.

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