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With high schools, colleges and polytechnics across the country moving classes to distance education there has been an increased demand for online learning resources related to skilled trades. Starting immediately, CWBi Acorn will make available a package of online learning resources to all high schools and post-secondary’s that teach welding and metal fabrication. This package includes 18 foundational courses and will be provided at no-cost to support the growth and sustainability of our industry in these challenging times.

Acorn Content

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18 Foundational Courses

  1. Health and Safety (HS1.1)
  2. Hand and Power Tools (ST1.1)
  3. Material Handling (MH1.1)
  4. Power Sources (PS1.1)
  5. Distortion (DT1.1)
  6. Joint Design and Welding Symbols (JS1.1)
  7. Weld Quality (WC1.1)
  8. Shielded Metal Arc Welding (WP1.1)
  9. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (WP2.1)
  10. Gas Metal Arc Welding (WP3.1)
  11. Flux Cored Arc Welding (WP4.1)
  12. Plasma Arc Cutting (WP6.1)
  13. Fabrication Fundamentals 1 (FF1.1)
  14. Introduction to Layout and Pattern Development 1 (LP1.1)
  15. Metal Forming 1 (MB1.1)
  16. Stationary Power Tools (SM1.1)
  17. Air Carbon Arc Gouging (WP8.1)
  18. Drawing Interpretation (DR1.1)

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