CWBi Acorn Free Webinar

Are you looking for more information about the CWBi’s Acorn training material? CWB Education will be running regular webinars to help answer any question you may have. These webinars are intended for industry as well as educational audiences and run about 1 hour in length.

Each webinar covers:

  • What is CWBi Acorn, why was it created
  • Key parts of CWBi Acorn – AcornCore, AcornOnline, AcornMobile and AcornConnect
  • The CWBi Acorn career roadmap
  • Courses and Programs
  • Delivery options
  • National testing, credentials and assessment options available
  • Licensing options
  • Next steps and forms

Time will be provided at the end of each webinar to answer any further questions you might have.

Next Webinar to be announced