CWBi Acorn for Industry

CWBi Acorn has been designed to support the on-going needs of welding and joining industry as well as the people employed within it. Working with local publicly and privately funding training organizations CWBi Acorn program, courses and Assessments will be made widely available across the country. The goal is to provide all employers with a both local and national pool of fully vetted skilled welding professionals.

While CWB Education has started this process, it will require the on-going support of our industry partners to deliver on this goal. As such, we encourage industry to:

Next Steps –

If you want to help fix the issues facing our industry and help build the next generation of welding professionals please consider getting involved in one or more of the following CWBi Acorn support initiatives:

  • Sit as a member of an CWBi Acorn Industry Advisory Committee – Use your knowledge of your industry to help create the next generation of skilled employees. CWBi Acorn Advisory Committee Application Form

  • Sign up as an CWBi Acorn Industry Advocate – Use your knowledge of your local region to help advocate for the adoption of CWBi Acorn.

  • Sign up for CWBi Acorn Awareness – Keep in touch with what’s going on with CWBi Acorn through our social media channels and newsletter. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Go on record as an CWBi Acorn supportersend us your comments

For more information about how CWBi Acorn is supporting industry contact the CWBi Acorn Support Team

To enquire about signing up for any CWBi Acorn industry support initiatives