CWBi Acorn for Education

Welding, joining and inspection training is complex; requiring the delivery and testing of extensive theory and practical components. As educators, it's no secret that finding affordable high quality vendor-neutral curriculum to support these components is a challenge – moreso if the intent is to train students to work nationally, across a broad cross section of industry. While it is possible for individual schools or regions to develop good programs, the commitment in terms of time and dollars are high when measured against the possible return in terms of local funding and tuition fees over the lifespan of such programs. In the past this has lead to very regional training and wildly varying levels of graduate skills.

Over the past several years CWB Group, including CWB Certification and the CWB Association have conducted research on the quality of welding education and the resulting skills of graduate welders. This has been validated by similar international research and resulting actions taken in those countries. What has been discovered – and has directly lead to the development of CWBi Acorn – is that there is a huge disconnect in terms of curriculum used, as well as training and testing standards across the country. This is not a criticism of each school, rather it’s the result of a lack of a national initiative to provide the critical framework, infrastructure and resources needed to coordinate education at a national level.

The CWBi Acorn Way 

While CWBi Acorn was developed to support industry, it was also built from the ground up to be easily and affordably delivered by training organizations on behalf of these industries. CWBi Acorn is more than just a welding course, it is an initiative to train, test and assess all the trades involved in the welding and joining industry to a common level. The goal is to not just create a graduate to fill a specific job function, but to create an employee who is job-ready for future needs and opportunities.

The CWBi Acorn Architecture 

CWBi Acorn is based on the concept of progressive hands-on learning. Starting in grade school with trade awareness, CWBi Acorn provides on-going cumulative learning through high school, post secondary and into industry. Once in industry, CWBi Acorn provides industry specific training, skill specialization as well as skills upgrading. Once training has been completed at any level, students are further supported along their career path through CWBi Acorn Assessments, Credentials and employment opportunities. These, as well as the underlying CWBi Acorn training curriculum and testing, are delivered through a centrally managed system, run for and on behalf of industry.

The CWBi Acorn Advantages

Next Steps 

As an educator, you can help position CWBi Acorn as a fully modern solution to industry needs by: