Acorn Forms and Application Process

What is the application process?

Step 1: Fill in the correct Acorn forms (below) for the type of application being made, make sure all required information is provided and the form is signed where indicated.

Step 2: Submit application by mailing it to the address provided at the top of each form. Electronic submission can be emailed to: Please retain a copy for your own records.

Step 3: Once the application has been received, the form will be reviewed. The review process typically takes up to 2 weeks and applications are handled in the order in which they are received. Once the review is completed, a representative from CWB Group will contact you if there are any issues, questions or concerns. Successful applicants will typically be notified by email within 4 weeks.

Step 4: Successful applicants will need to sign appropriate contracts for the Acorn services they are providing. Signing of these contracts is required before any access to Acorn material and services will be permitted.

What form should you use?

Form AP1.1
Use this form if you are applying for Acorn Certified Education provider (ACEP) or an Acorn Certified Assessment Provider (ACAP) status. This form applies to schools, colleges, universities, unions, test centers and businesses.

Form AP2.1
Use this form if you are applying for Acorn Educator or Acorn Assessor status. This form applies to individuals looking to be accredited to deliver Acorn course material (“Educators”) and or preform Acorn assessments (“Assessor”).

Form AG1.1
Use this form if you are applying to sit on an Acorn advisory committee.

Form AP1.F
Use the AP1.F form if you are a High School applying for Acorn Certified Education Provider (ACEP) status. If you are applying for funding through the CWB Welding Foundation please click here for the Foundation forms.

Where can you find additional information?

If you have any questions regarding the application process you can contact an Acorn representative at: We also offer public webinars.

Please note the following:

  • Application fees are non-refundable.
  • Applications are course/ service specific and you will only be reviewed with respect to your ability to deliver the course/ services you have applied for. Where multiple courses/ services are selected, your application will be based on your ability to deliver the most advanced one selected.
  • Applications for Assessors are conditional on the successful completion of a CWB Education Assessor training course.
  • All ACEP or ACAP application that get approved are considered tentative until a successful on-site audit is preformed by a CWB Group representative.
  • On-site audits will require all Acorn Assessors and or instructors to be present at the audit.
  • At a minimum, all ACEPs and ACAPs must have at least one CWBi Certified Assessor (for ACAP) or instructor (for ACEP) on staff.