CWB Education partners with RedShelf software for an enhanced learning experience

May 9, 2022

With the importance of virtual learning at the forefront of every educational institution, CWB Education recognized the need to introduce digital books to help students succeed during their study sessions. With RedShelf, students have access to their study guides anytime, anywhere with the click of a button. Plus, with this software, students can:

  • Highlight, take notes and share information with classmates who have the same e-book
  • Define unfamiliar words quickly and easily
  • Create flashcards to refer to when studying
  • Build study guides for review and test preparation
  • Ability to generate citations instantly
  • Have text read aloud so you can follow along at your own pace
  • Print select pages to use offline when needed

RedShelf is a leader in education technology and has been integrated into thousands of curriculums across the country. With this software, CWB Education is excited to reduce costs and increase efficiency for its students, while making studying fun and interactive.

“Embedding digital books into our LMS will allow learners taking our courses an opportunity to interact with their course materials in a more robust way. Learning events before and after instructor-led sessions will be supported by digital resources to promote self-study,” said Trent Konrad, Director of Education and Learning Development at the CWB Group. The software boasts accessibility options for students with learning disabilities and aligns with CWB’s commitment to diversifying our offerings to be more inclusive. With the ability to assess comprehension, usage analytics and study guide builders, to name a few, we are confident that RedShelf will revolutionize the way our students study and aid in their path to success.

To learn more, please visit Courses | CWB Group or email