The CWB Association introduces its Training Supplement and Upskill Program to promote continued upskilling within the steel industries

February 7, 2022


CWB Group continues its commitment to the prosperity of the industry by developing the future leaders of tomorrow

January 31, 2022
For Immediate Release

Milton, ON- The CWB Association is dedicated to supporting its members through continued opportunities for training and education to encourage career progression.

The Training Supplement and Upskill Program (TSUP) has been meticulously designed to offer various skills that help promote continued learning and upskilling within the steel industries. Our goal is to build confidence within the industry by encouraging members to train further on the job to become the best that they can be. As the program rolls out, we are excited to be adding more educational partners to the mix, beginning with LearnIt.

As content expands, we will include French language support and courses (Late 2022) and Canadian Accredited courses through a variety of educational partners (Early 2023).

“In my career as a welder and then fabricator, one of the most important lessons in my career was that to be successful; you must always keep learning.  The second biggest lesson was that it was my responsibility to keep learning. While working and living one’s life, it can be tough to find the time, money, and schedule to keep learning and gain the skills that an evolving workforce demands.  That’s why it is so important for us at the CWB Association to be there for our members every step of the way.  With the TSUP, we can now offer a whole new way a professional association interacts with its members to offer the key education they need to reach their potential,” said Max Ceron, Director, CWB Association.

There are two main types of courses offered through TSUP and our partnership with LearnIt:

  • Partly Subsidized
    • These courses are offered for discounts or reduced rates for CWB Association members. These are asynchronous (available anywhere, anytime) or be programmed to set times with limited availability
    • There are no limits to the number of partly subsidized or discounted courses taken. Once our members register, they can take advantage of an entire catalogue of courses online
    • All CWB members will enjoy a 10% discount on any course offered on the LearnIt platform
    • Fully subsidized
      • The courses are fully funded by either the CWB Association or an industry partner. It can also be asynchronous or programmed
      • The courses are available based on funding and availability, plus have limited seating
      • External and internal partners can fund the courses for public and internal use to increase access.

LearnIt is an easy-to-use platform that allows for ease of access and convenience. It allows for an immersive experience for the user and provides numerous advantages once registration has been completed. The CWB Association is extremely excited to be providing this service to the industry. CWBA is confident that this will provide the opportunities needed for industry members to succeed in their careers.

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