The CWB Group Announces the launch of the Welder Competency Credential Assessment (WCCA) Portal on March 9, 2021

March 9, 2021

Transformative initiative assesses competencies of internationally trained welders and prepares them for the welding industry

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Milton, ON: The CWB Group is pleased to announce the launch of the Welder Competency and Credential Assessment (WCCA) portal. WCCA is a bilingual free online portal serving Canadians and internationally trained welders. It can be accessed through the CWB Group website and is tablet and mobile accessible. 

The program's objective is to effectively address the welding industry's skills shortages by assessing foreign competencies of internationally trained welders and increasing pre-arrival preparedness for integration into the welding industry.  The program will guide individuals on how their skills, qualifications, and credentials align with Canadian provincial requirements and what additional conditions need to be satisfied. 

The WCCA bilingual portal provides free online services and resources, including;

  • Mapping the jurisdictional requirement by profession (pathway to certification)
  • Competency assessment tool based on the CWB Learning resources and personalized gap analysis of knowledge against Canadian standards
  • Links to educational material and training institutions to upgrade knowledge and skills
  • Links to pre-and post-arrivals services, including settlement services, immigration support, financial assistance
  • Job search support/Links to Career Websites

Whether you are looking to move from one Canadian jurisdiction to another or a newcomer to Canada, the WCCA portal will assist you in understanding the pathway to certification, how your skills compare to Canadian standards through the competency assessment platform and how to upgrade your skills through access to numerous training programs.

"The WCCA is one of the key new service offerings by CWB Group designed to address the challenges of skilled personnel," shares Husam Mansour, Program Director, Industry Services. "Newcomers to Canada and Canadian welding professionals, alike, will benefit by upgrading their skills and accessing a suite of career development services to help them secure employment in one of the many industries desperate for skilled welding professionals."

This program was funded through the Foreign Credential Recognition Program (FCRP) that provides funding to provincial and territorial governments, regulatory bodies, national associations and credential assessment agencies. 

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About the CWB Group:

CWB Group is committed to improving existing immigration assessment and recognition programs to attract the best talent to address Canada's welding-related skill shortages. The goal is to ensure that newcomers who bring welding-related skills to Canada can employ their skills and experience while contributing to the Canadian economy. The WCCA is a mutually beneficial program making an attractive option for Canadians looking to relocate from one jurisdiction to another or for newcomers by streamlining how they can transfer their skills and expertise into the Canadian market.

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Husam Mansour, Program Director, Industry Services
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