Automotive industry gains competitive advantage with the introduction of a new automotive collision repair technician welding program

August 31, 2021

The CWB Group is committed to providing a comprehensive experience for everyone in the industry. In response to feedback from the industry, CWB Consulting is excited to announce a new training and welding qualification program for the automotive collision repair sector. The CWB Automotive Repair Technician Welding Program is designed to provide the highest quality repair, utilize best practices, and ensure that vehicles are safely and adequately repaired.

CWB Consulting has ensured that the program is accessible to all interested parties, including offering training in the organization’s collision and repair facilities. The benefits of the welding training qualification are endless and are integral for sufficient training and testing in an automotive facility. When you choose the CWB Automotive Welding Qualification, you benefit from:

  • A convenient training and qualification model at your facility with your own equipment for ease-of-access
  • Peace of mind that your technicians have the training and skills needed for welding
  • Increased skill levels across the organization resulting in quality assurance
  • Approved welding qualification requirements for most OEM Certification programs
  • Third-party oversight and onsite training by welding specialists
  • Enhanced credibility provided by CWB Automotive welding certifications
  • Savings when you register multiple technicians to participate
  • CWB Automotive Repair Welding accreditation for your technicians upon completion

The Automotive Repair Program will also offer online welding repair courses delivered through the CWB Group’s new LMS platform. Participants can take courses on a variety of welding topics as they relate to automotive collision repair, including Automotive Health and Safety, Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) for both steel and aluminum repair, Automotive Welding Quality and Welding Metallurgy. These courses will help provide the knowledge needed for both experienced and new technicians to meet the requirements of CWB Automotive Repair Welding Qualification. “The goal of the CWB Automotive Repair Welding Qualification is to help ensure that each facility has the skills and training needed to perform superior-quality repairs every time. The CWB Group’s vision is to create an inclusive environment where every market is given the tools and resources to succeed. With this qualification, we have addressed a growing need in the Automotive Collision Repair industry,” said Victor Andrisani, Manager, CWB Consulting.

“It’s exciting to see the CWB investing significant resources to provide the collision industry with new training, and welding certification options that meet OEM certification requirements, and help to raise the technical capabilities of technicians, said Leanne Jefferies, Vice President of Assured Performance/Certified Collision Care.

As always, we are confident that this initiative will serve the industry’s growing demands, and we look forward to sharing more with our clients. To register and learn more, visit or email us at