Saskatchewan Polytechnic and CWBi Acorn partner to bring you FREE lessons anytime, anywhere

April 24, 2020

Sebastian Max Ceron is hosting lessons online where you can learn about welding applications and technological advancements from the comfort of your own home.

CWBi Acorn is excited to announce a partnership with Saskatchewan Polytechnic in delivering first-class online lessons with Sebastian Max Ceron aptly titled Make Metal with Max. The online series will cover pertinent topics in welding applications and technology to allow students to keep their education on track during these trying times. Educational institutions such as Sask Polytech are committed to doing their part to fight the novel coronavirus by collecting and shipping healthcare supplies to front-line healthcare workers throughout the province and keeping the lines of communication open with their staff and students. The CWB Group is proud to partner with an organization with such strong community ties because now is the time that we need to come together as a nation and help each other.

Recently, the CWB Group has increased its offering of free courses to anyone that holds a myCWB account and this fits perfectly into those offerings. Make Metal with Max offers an engaging alternative to in-class instruction with visuals, lecture-style lessons plus, Max welcomes feedback and discussion after class. This partnership is allowing Saskatchewan Polytechnic and the CWB Group to reach a wide array of audiences that are looking to grow their welding careers. “I think that there’s a big gap out there in terms of online learning resources,” shared Max. “Most of the online content is fairly flat and not diverse or dynamic, and with this project, I’m trying to create something that people can use. Instructors can now tell their students that they have access to videos made in Canada by a Canadian college using Canadian content, which is hard to find.” Max Ceron talked about his passion for teaching and how the support of the CWB Group and CWBi Acorn has allowed him to venture into this realm and share his love for the trade with aspiring welders and fabricators.

One of the most significant benefits of our online series is that students are allowed the flexibility that they need with their education. Plus, they’re able to review and go over the information as many times as they need to, without time restrictions. Max is trying to bridge the gaps found in classrooms by giving students access to someone who works in the field and can break down concepts into simplified formats all at the click of a button.

The CWB Group is investing for a better future and believes that it starts with education. It is one of the CWB Group’s goals to drive both knowledge and competency through the development of CWBi Acorn at the heart of which, you will find world-class content that has been developed with the needs of today’s learners and educators in mind. With this partnership, CWBi Acorn and Sask Polytech are providing encouragement and resources to young learners to pursue their careers in the world of welding and providing unparalleled help to them to do so successfully. To watch this exciting series, please visit and learn how to Make Metal with Max.