Federal Programs for Employers: COVID-19

March 31, 2020

As we navigate through this extraordinary situation together, the CWB Group remains committed to providing you with all the relevant information and resources on government assistance programs as they become available. We understand that these are challenging times, and we would like to do all that we can to help our clients and members. Due to the fluid nature of the situation, the data provided in this email may become quickly outdated, but stay tuned to the various websites below to keep up with the newly added programs to protect the financial well-being of Canadians and the economy.  
The two critical links from the Government of Canada you should bookmark are:


We recognize that this is an uncertain point in time for businesses and that many organizations have been negatively impacted. To ensure that you are aware of the programs and assistance available to you, please see below for some of the Federal programs that are currently being offered to employers specifically:
1)      EI - Employment Insurance
https://www.canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/corporate/notices/coronavirus.html; Visit the EI sickness benefits page to apply

Please note that there are key differences if you have contracted the virus and are in quarantine. To understand how different scenarios are treated, please read everything thoroughly.  Contact the following numbers only if the above quarantine condition applies.
·         Telephone: 1-833-381-2725 (toll-free)
·         Teletypewriter (TTY): 1-800-529-3742
2)      Work-Sharing (WS) Program - Adjustment program designed to help employers and employees avoid layoffs when there is a temporary reduction in the average level of business activity that is beyond the control of the employer. Special measures have been taken to extend agreements from 38 weeks to 76 weeks across Canada for those affected in the forestry, steel and aluminum sector.

The link above covers details on special protocol around waiting periods, length of coverage and eligibility
For information on the application process visit:
Applicant guide for the temporary special measures
Submit using the following methods:
Atlantic Provinces
Fax: 1-902-566-7697
Fax: 1-866-720-6094
Western Canada and Territories
Fax: 1-604-666-8920
3)      Additional links for the government’s economic plans:
Canada‘s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan
EDC stands ready to support Canadian exporters impacted by COVID-19
The Government of Canada is taking exceptional measures to minimize the impact of the current situation on Canadians and are continuing to work diligently to find solutions. The CWB Group is committed to do its part as well and will continue to update you as we learn more.