CWBi Acorn offering free online course packages to support the welding community amid growing COVID-19 concerns

April 2, 2020

As a global leader in the welding, metal fabricating and joining industry, CWB Group is providing academic assistance to students, educators, researchers and welding professions who are being impacted by the threat of a global pandemic

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We understand that the growing threat of COVID-19 has affected us all significantly, and the situation has caused feelings of hopelessness and despair in many. This is an extraordinary moment in history, and communities need to band together to help each other, and the CWB Group is entirely committed to the welding industry and its partners in doing its part. Considering the fluid nature of the issue, the CWB Group is making a conscious effort to help and support the welding community and provide the necessary tools and resources to fuel ahead. We understand that at this time, most organizations are not business as usual, but we want to offer as many opportunities as possible for all members of our welding community to ensure that they remain current and involved.

With that being said, the CWBi Acorn team has been working around the clock to create online course resources for all high schools and post-secondary schools that teach welding and metal fabrication. This has been in response to a global call for distant and online learning amid the COVID-19 breakout. Our educational package will include 18 foundational courses and be provided at no cost to support the growth and sustainability of our industry during these challenging times. We want to make sure that our students and instructors have the support they need for a seamless transition into the digital space. We are providing downloadable content, tests and course materials and the team at CWBi Acorn will provide training to all instructors on how to implement classes virtually. The goal with the online resource package is to provide world-class training and support programs managed entirely by the team at CWB Group.

“Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, students and educators across the country have seen a drastic shift in the delivery, instruction and learning in their programs,” said Trent Konrad, Acorn Program Manager. CWBi Acorn is responding by making online content available to all welding training providers and students. Providing access to 18 online courses will help these training providers supplement and enhance their student’s experience in learning the welding trade.” In today’s unstable environment, the pace of change in an organization has become the main focus, and we are here and committed to helping to make it a smooth process.

Our hope with the shift to online content is that it helps the welding community feel more connected to each other while respecting the new norms of social and physical distancing. As always, we encourage everyone to stay safe and stay positive.

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About CWBi Acorn:

The CWB Group is investing for a better future, and that starts with education. It is one of the CWB Group’s goals to drive both knowledge and competency through the development of a national training program for welding and fabrication professionals.  At the heart of CWBi, Acorn is its world-class content that has been developed with the needs of today’s learners and educators in mind. To show commitment to the program, the CWB Group is fully funding the development of CWBi Acorn, giving back to the industry that supports it, and creating the one thing industry needs most to succeed- well-trained employees. To learn more about our exciting program, please visit