CWB Certification is now offering remote examinations

October 13, 2020

CWB Certification is proud to announce an exciting new option for written examinations being launched for your convenience and ease-of-access.  As of October 13, 2020, CWB Certification will be offering remote examination invigilation options through our partner, ProctorU.  
This means that you will be given the option to write all certification examinations (excluding the Practical Exam) from any location in the world but still be monitored by live invigilators to ensure our examination process's continued integrity.   The live invigilators are supported by advanced artificial intelligence (AI) systems that monitor video feeds and desktop applications to actively look for exceptions to our examination rules.
Our examinations will be continued to be managed through our Yardstick system, which provides secure and randomized examination questions.
Our overarching goal is to provide flexibility and convenience to you, our client, by offering the option to complete the examinations online in a time and location of your preference- while getting instant results. The continued integrity of our examination process ensures that you receive the service excellence that you have come to expect from the CWB Group. This is also a key element in our CWB Certification efforts to introduce digital and remote service options to our clients.
Of course, all of our existing options to complete examinations will still be available, including on-site invigilation by our CSRs, regular hotel based examination sessions in various city centres, and in our examination centres in our office locations. The remote examination invigilation is an additional service offering for those clients that want and prefer it.
Please feel free to reach out to Connie Hodgson at with any questions or concerns. Or contact your customer service representative to set up a remote examination at your earliest convenience.