CWB Welding Foundation - Impact Report now available

September 18, 2019

In just five years, the CWB Welding Foundation has spearheaded significant change across Canada. Since its establishment in 2013, the CWB Welding Foundation has made tremendous efforts to positively impact the welding industry and individuals as it works to ensure that the next generation of Canadians understands the opportunities that exist related to welding.

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While more than 100,000 Canadians are currently employed as certified welders across more than approximately 7,000 CWB certified organizations, the Canadian welding industry is experiencing a shortage of welding professionals, in large part due to an ageing Canadian population, a lack of young people being attracted to the skilled trades, and the reduced focus on skilled-trades training in secondary and post-secondary institutions.

Through this period of change, the CWB Welding Foundation has responded and adapted our nation’s concerns through enhanced welding education, and promoting welding as an exciting, safe and rewarding career. We’ve worked with hundreds of primary, secondary and post-secondary schools across Canada and sponsored CWB Association chapter as well as national member and educator events. We’ve hosted camps, workshops and information sessions that inspired informed and encouraged young Canadians to give welding a try. Most important, we’ve focused on welcoming underrepresented groups into the welding trade - primarily Indigenous people, women and new Canadians, thereby broadening our talent pool and more closely reflecting our demographic profile.

To ensure our mission is sustainable, we also forged more than 30 industry and government partnerships, which extend our reach and leverage investments in tomorrow’s welding workforce.

Thanks to your support and the generous support of our partner organizations, we are proud to continue enhancing and expanding our programs and initiatives. We continue to build funding partnerships with external sources to meet the demands of the industry and rely on the help of national, provincial, and local community organizations to continue breaking down barriers for those wishing to enter in the welding industry in Canada.

We’ve come a long way, and our first-ever Impact Report is our commitment to growing and diversifying in the next five years. When our students, teachers, educators, and welders succeed, it creates a powerful ripple that is felt in families, schools, and our communities.

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